Can wet photos be restored?

The process of recovering water-damaged photographs takes time and patience. Restoration is not possible until the photos are dry and the mold has been removed. The best way to restore water-damaged photos is to consult a professional photo restoration service. The good news is that our photo restoration services repair many water-damaged photographs.

We regularly receive photographs showing signs of mold or water stains, and people are pleasantly surprised to learn all we can do to help. Whether your photo is broken, discolored, or damaged by water, you can trust us to restore it to its original splendour. Each photo and its damage are different and, unfortunately, this means that some water damage is irreparable if handled incorrectly. The good news is that highly experienced professionals like Image Restoration Center can restore water-damaged photos in just a few days.

Whether your home flooded or burned down, your precious photos were likely damaged by water. These rooms often have varying temperatures and humidity conditions, making them a breeding ground for water damage and mold in old photographs. Whether due to a natural disaster, due to humidity or due to more serious contact with water, water damage leads us to dedicate a lot to restoring photographs.

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