Can waterproof hardwood be refinished?

Waterproof hardwood cannot be sanded or varnished again, although its durability and high resistance to scratches make it less of an inconvenience than you might fear. To renovate any hardwood floor, you must first strip it. And if you remove waterproof hardwood floors, you'll eliminate their waterproof finish. You're a big fan of hardwood floors and want them in every room, including the kitchen and bathroom, but there's one small problem; hardwood isn't naturally water resistant, meaning you should waterproof the floor.

This can be done with T%26G Flooring, or you can even do it yourself. A wooden floor with a suitable finish will have some degree of water resistance, but for a truly waterproof floor, there are some very good products available on the market. My Merriam-Webster definition of waterproofness is “waterproof,” but water resistance is simply defined as “water repellent,” meaning that sooner or later, water will seep into the wood. Waterproof hardwood can be exposed to liquids with virtually no time limit, so that the accumulated water will remain on the surface without damaging the floor.

Water cannot penetrate between each board, so water drips onto the hardwood urethane surface until the owner can clean it.

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