What does water damage on wood furniture look like?

You can get rid of moisture by leaving it. A remarkable solution for fixing swollen wooden furniture is to dry it well before anything else. You can remove moisture by letting it sit in direct sunlight for at least 24 hours instead of using artificial means such as a hair dryer or fan. Keep in mind that furniture should dry completely, but not too quickly, as wood can break or go from drying out to being quick.

You must take your time and patience to dry it naturally to achieve a good result. Use sandpaper with a manual sanding tool or rub the furniture with your hand. This will even out the surface and eliminate any inconsistency with the wood. Before sanding, be sure to clean up any debris.

We have been independently researching and testing products for more than 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process. Eliminate moisture by leaving affected furniture in direct sunlight for 24 hours (minimum).

The use of artificial means, such as a hair dryer or a fan, can only dry the surface and cause more damage. Furniture should dry slowly and completely. If it dries too quickly or unevenly, wood can warp, split, break, or move. Take your time and be patient to dry it as naturally and completely as possible to achieve a good result.

Before starting to remove water stains from wooden surfaces, examine the color of the water ring. White water spots appear when moisture is trapped in the wood finish. Our cleaning methods work best for these types of stains. If the water rings are dark, the liquid has probably reached the wood itself and you may need to completely revarnish the surface.

It's also important to note that some hard water stains can be better treated with a combination of cleaning techniques; experiment with each method as needed. Next, we'll show you how to remove water stains from wood so the party can go on. Most water damage is far from permanent, and you'll find that it's almost always possible to remove water stains from the surface of the wood. For minor category 1 (or less) damage caused by clean water, you may be able to store that furniture yourself.

This water stain removal method works best for stains that are still damp, rather than for accumulated water stains, as it effectively evaporates moisture in the surface finish. That's why it's commonly used as an active ingredient in deck cleaners, and restorers use it to get rid of gray or black water stains on furniture (see “Oxalic acid breaks down rust,” below). Along with field experience and the latest equipment and tools needed to restore damaged wooden furniture. We know that you treat your furniture well, but scratches caused by falling car keys, rings on water glasses and other damage are usually part of life.

No matter what type of wooden furniture you have, it is essential that you have the information and useful advice you need to prevent you and your furniture from suffering additional problems in the event of water damage. Professionals in this field are thoroughly trained in the correct restoration processes when repairing and identifying other damage. You can fix it yourself and apply these tips and tricks to solve the problem with your water-damaged furniture, but in some cases, it may be too difficult to handle to get a professional result. Here's how to prevent your home and property from suffering thousands of dollars of water damage while you're away.

Dealing with water damage to wooden furniture can be frustrating, and water damage is inevitable and unexpected. It is usually available in oil- and water-based options and can provide wood with adequate protection against potential water damage. If water damage to your wooden furniture is beyond your abilities, seek professional help to restore your precious furniture. Alpharetta Water Damage Restoration offers 24-hour emergency water services near me in Alpharetta, Georgia and Roswell.


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